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Celebrate Martini Style! Cocktail Shaker


This fantastic favor will be the life of the party! Your friends will love that they can shake their very own individual cocktails at home once the bar closes at your wedding reception or special event. The mirror finished three-piece shaker provides a super clean design, and fun packaging!

Stainless-steel look mirrored finish 3 piece set (container, lid with built-in strainer and cap)

Perfect for weddings, birthdays, or any party occasion or special event

Made of quality acrylic with mirrored finish

Max volume of 8.5 fluid oz (250ml) makes standard 5-6 ounce individual cocktails

Measures approx. 6” tall and 2.75 inches in diameter assembled;

Please call direct 914-557-1236, to place orders for any tier other than 1-11

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